The Project

One semester – one project – one goal!

During the next 14 weeks, I have been challenged by my journalism professor to approach today’s mass media in a different perspective. Instead of simply accepting mass media for what it is, I have been asked to look at it from another approach. No longer am I an average twenty year old who uses mass media every day,…instead, I am an investigator and my task is to discover how, why, and to what extent mass media has engrossed all our lives.

Each week, I will be blogging about my own personal reflections on this project. Some days, I might include links to articles, videos, and pictures. Other days, I might include observations of my friends and family, and their own interactions with mass media. Like most blog assignments should be, I have been given the opportunity to write, well, whatever is on my mind…whatever catches my attention and makes me think twice about the world of mass media

In the end, I hope to have a stronger appreciation for the new era in which I am living. The new era that is driven by technology, discovery, and innovation. The new era that is mass media.

And it goes without saying, I would love to hear all your thoughts…so leave a comment, send me a message, and if you are feeling really daring, share a post.

Mass media, here I come!

All the best,



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