While I was stalking my sister and her middle school friends on Twitter, I came across this funny retweet.  A student in New York had posted a rude tweet about his teacher on Twitter and his teacher saw it.  To make a point, the teacher screenshot the tweet and made it the background of his desktop.  The next day in class, the teacher projected his desktop on his smart board for the entire class to see.

The tweet said this: “I hate you Mr. Torrence. You said the test was in Wednesday, so give it to us on Wednesday, not Tuesday. #YouNeedACalendar #ScrewYou”


Needless to say, the lesson behind this obviously is…BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU POST ON SOCIAL MEDIA! It doesn’t matter if your account is public or private, once you put it out there, all kinds of people will see it.  Poor kid, I guess he learned this the hard way.  Now that my baby sister has a Twitter, I am trying to pass on these wise words of wisdom to her.  You never know when your tweet or post will come back to haunt you (even if you just posted it in the heat of the moment).  It is important to paint a good image of yourself on social media.  Essentially, you are protecting your own brand.  Future employers do look at your social media activity.  It is not a good idea to dig yourself a whole with bad content you place on social media.  Once its outs there, its out there. Be careful when you post and make sure you consider how it will impact you later down the road.

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