Well, Twitter has done it again!

In effort to expand its brand and advertising techniques, Twitter has recently signed a contract with an in-theater advertising company called National CineMedia.  The contract will allow for one minute Twitter and Vine advertisements to be played in movie theaters upon the start each movie.  The one minute production would be “compromised entirely of quick-moving segments that will look at hot news and trending movie and entertainment content on Twitter and Vine. Using bespoke hashtags, fans will be able to share their own stories and reactions and some of their tweets may be incorporated into the show.”

These productions are expected to run beginning in mid-2014.


“Currently, NCM and Twitter do not have any sponsors lined up for the series. NCM is still developing the on-screen format, after which the companies plan to start approaching brand sponsors. The social-media company is distributing the branded content through the Twitter Amplify video-promotion tool, which counts several TV networks and media companies as partners.”


From an advertising perspective, I think this partnership is genius! Not only are you combining two popular entertainments (social media and movies), but this collaboration also allows viewers to be actively involved in the production of these short clips.  Instead of not paying attention to commercials, movie goers would be engaged and eager to watch the clips.  In addition, many people arrive late to the movies to avoid commercials…therefore all the money spent in creating the commercials is wasted.  However, with actively involved Twitter and Vine clips, individuals may come sooner to the movies to witness these commercials for the fun experience.

From a PR perspective, I think Twitter has yet again worked their magic in securing their untouchable brand.  By partnering with a large in-theater advertising company, Twitter is expanding their audience and promoting user participation.  However, they are incorporating a new and fun way of participating. Twitter focuses on the experience their users can get from using the site…and being able to tweet and create commercials that you view in movie theaters is a unique experience to say the least.  Twitter is increasing user satisfaction and building a successful empire!

As Cliff Marks, president of sales and marketing with NCM Media Networks, said: “We’re looking for an innovative brand that wants to become part of the movie experience in a valuable way by joining in, and even leading, the social media conversation. Twitter has become an amazing barometer of movie trends, and this new show will take theater audiences beyond the red-carpet for an original look inside the world of movies.”

Well done Twitter, well done!

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