“As part of its continued effort to evolve and broaden its advertising capabilities, Twitter is now touting itself as a platform for effective direct response advertising.”

Today I came across an article which supports my hypothesis (in my last blog post) that advertisement companies are using social media sites, in particular Twitter, to sell their products.

Twitter is now working on launching a “click-to-call” button that allows individuals to click on Twitter ads and follow their tweets. “A ‘click-to-call button’ could potentially help Twitter break into the traditionally digital-averse local advertising market. A local restaurant could advertise a special to Twitter users within a certain proximity, for instance, and measure conversions by how many Twitter users ended up calling for reservations.”

Check out the rest of the article:


My favorite quote from the article:

“It doesn’t change the consumer experience; it makes it more relevant,” Alfonsi said. After all, users can still expect to see star-studded Oscar selfies and spicy brand-on-brand Twitter action during the Super Bowl. “Those things are going to stay in the core DNA of Twitter.”

That’s right…I definitely called this! Go me! 🙂