It is no secret that I love Snapchat!  I have blogged about it, messaged about it, and tweeted about it.  However, I know am not alone.  Many of my friends use Snapchat on an everyday basis.  In fact, most of my friends on average send roughly 15 snaps a day…and that does not include snaps that they have received.

So what makes Snapchat so popular?

Well, for one…Snapchat introduces a new way of communicating.  With the release of their recent update, people are able to take pictures, draw pictures, and include one line messages in their snaps.  Snapchat is quickly replacing instant messaging.  Instead of describing something you saw or heard, take a picture of it via SnapChat.  Instead of typing out a long text message, make it short and send a Snapchat picture.  Or if you want to talk to your crush, and you are feeling daring, take a picture and send it via Snapchat.  As you can see, instantly pictures have become the new way of communication and thus increasing Snapchat popularity.  

It is no question then that those who design the application are geniuses.  They have listened to what consumers want and provided them with new tools and features on Snapchat.  I commend them for considering their audience.

Out of my own curiosity…I tried to find studies that the Snapchat design team might use to amp the app.  I came across an interesting study that targeted college students.  Being a college student myself and an avid Snapchat user, I was interested in what the data revealed.

To begin, the study found that more than 77% of college students use Snapchat at least once per day.  In addition, the study found that 70% of college students use Snapchat the most on Friday and Saturday.  Also, 81% of college students use Snapchat during the late afternoon and into the night.

“The study, which polled more than 1,600 self-identified social media users in college from around the country, also found that the majority of pictures sent through Snapchat by this group are selfies. Roughly 50% of men said they send a selfie at least half the time, and 70% of women said the same.”

“The Snapchat data was collected by Sumpto, a New York-based marketing company that identifies college students who are influential on social media and connects them with brands.”


And in case you were wondering, based on the study, this is what college students are using Snapchat for….

Snapchat Study 2

In my personal opinion, this data is not surprising at all.  Especially in college, convenience is everything.  There is not enough time in the day to communicate through long text messages or e-mails.  Snapchat provides an informal way to quickly communicate with your friends.  It also inspires the Picasso in all of us.  If the Snapchat team is trying to increase their popularity…they are doing a great job reaching out to college students! You get an A+ from us!

Time to visit down memory lane….here are a few of my own snaps that I found stored on my phone. I thought it would be fun to include them on this post.

Thanks Snapchat 😉