It sure is a sad post to write…but a recent report provided by the Women’s Media Center reveals that the number of female journalist is unequally disproportioned to the number of male journalist in mass media.

“The report compiles recent studies from several sources — Media Matters, the American Society of News Editors, even Gawker — all of which show that despite efforts (or at least talk of efforts) to achieve parity in media organizations, from CEOs to copy editors, we haven’t come close.

An ASNE newsroom census cited in the report showed that newsrooms were 63.1 percent male and 36.9 percent female in 1999. In 2012, those percentages were exactly the same. For 2013, it was actually worse: 63.7 percent male and 36.3 percent female.”

The report further revealed a second study in regards to female sports journalists. The study indicated that there has been a slight increase in female sports journalists, but nowhere near enough to match the number of male sports journalists.

Unlike the growing number of female sports fans and athletes, female sports journalists are hard to come by…and sadly, females who do report sports often are ridiculed because of their gender. “The few female sports reporters we do have got to deal with Bleacher Report’s regular slide shows of the ’50 Hottest Female Sports Broadcasters from Around the World’ ’20 Sexiest Sports Reporters of 2012,’ ’20 Sexiest Local Sports Broadcasters’ or ’40 Hottest College Football Reporters.’ Not to mention harassment from fans, the athletes they cover and even their own colleagues.”

In addition, the report also revealed a report card conducted by the Associated Press, commissioned by the Institute for Diversity and Ethics in Sports, where editors were given an F for gender diversity and a C+ for racial diversity on their staff. In addition, it was reported that 90% of editors are males and 90% are white.

This is just disgraceful. Shouldn’t newsrooms contain journalists of all gender and race to prevent any chance of being subjective? Where is the equal representation?

The irony in all of this though is that I often sit in my journalism classes and 90% of the students are female. In fact, most students who graduate from UNC’s Journalism and Mass Communication School, one of the best journalism schools in the country, are female. So why are there more male journalist in the professional world?

Like many professional jobs, gender has played a large role in many controversial problems. Yet, we are living now in the 21st century…why aren’t females as represented in these fields as men?

To all my female journalism peers…don’t give up on your journalism goals and aspirations. Don’t let the fear of these reports and studies prevent you from making it into the newsrooms.


Female power!