Everyday technology advancement continues to impress me. It is crazy to think how far we have come just within the past ten years. But are we entering an age where we are no longer controlling technology, but technology is controlling us?

Body Hacking.

For all of you who don’t know, body hacking is “the process of making adjustments to the way we live, work, sleep or generally function in an attempt to improve our overall level of well-being. The adjustments are either based on information obtained through self-tracking or through general real world experiences; they are not necessarily scientifically or medically recognized.”


However, with the advancement of technology, body hacking has revolutionized. By this, technology has allowed us to enter a new level of body hacking…allowing us to better monitor our bodies and adjust to live a better life. For example, technology has allowed us to create better heart pace makers, implants, prosthetic limbs, etc. We also now have better devices to monitor heart rate, hormone levels, blood flow, and all that health related stuff (as you can see, I’m not a huge biology person).

Such devices are also wearable and mobile. For instance, we now have wrist bands that track our heart rate, how many steps we have walked, and much more. In essence, we are creating devices that, with the help of technology, learn about our bodies and then help us maintain a better lifestyle.

Just recently, however, I came across a similar device that does not seem to help improve ones’ lifestyle.  In fact, I am not too sure exactly why it was even created in the first place.

It is called a True Love Bra and it was created by a Japanese lingerie company.

The True Love Bra is a high-tech bra that unhooks from the center of the chest when a woman is in love.


Wait….how does it know when you’re in love?

Based on hormone patterns tracked by your iPhone, the bra can sensor when your body releases love hormones that speed up your heart rate.  “If the bra can get to know you long enough, it can track your heart rate and tell when you’re in love.”  It then will unhook and release without warning.

My first reaction when I learned about this bra was, “how stupid!!!!.”  I mean, what happens if your heart rate increases but you aren’t in love…maybe instead you are just on a jog.  Or what happens if your heart rate increases because you do see an individual that you are attracted to in class, and your bra unhooks in the middle of a 400 person lecture?

Honestly, when would you even wear it?  I wouldn’t want to take the chance of it unhooking in public…so that leaves only the privacy of my own home.  However, if I really wanted to take my bra off, whether I am in love or not, wouldn’t it just be simple enough to do it myself?

It is scary to think that technology has becomes so advanced that we can now have it control when our clothes will come off.  But my question is…why would anyone want to lose that ability? More importantly, are we now allowing technology to make our own choices for us?  Is this high-tech bra now deciding who I am and am not in love with?

In my opinion, this isn’t body hacking.  This is technological control to make us feel as if we are living a better life.  But what is a better life if we can’t even control our own body and make our own choices?

Are we slowly letting technology control us?

Check out the video on the True Love Bra….it might blow your mind.