I recently wrote an article praising Facebook for their innovative marketing campaign to celebrate Facebook’s 10th birthday and increase user activity on the site.  Snaps to you Facebook!

On Sunday, however, I found another article about a new marketing technique which Caribou Coffee created to celebrate the release of its new “Real Inspiration Blend” campaign.  The company launched the world’s largest Pinterest board in the world’s largest mall, The Mall of America in Minneapolis.

“The campaign’s Pinterest board shows a hodgepodge of heavily touched-up images from the photography and design worlds, including but not limited to: coffee mugs, coffee beans, a young woman blowing bubbles, pine trees, 20-somethings eating lunch on canoes, a young girl sitting on her father’s shoulders, a piano, a dilapidated red door, nice green rubber boots and clam harvesting in a wool sweater.”

The Pinterest board was created to help fans “pause and catch a moment of inspiration.”  The board will be up until February 13th and includes a scene of surrounding activities such as an inspiration stage, sampling station, photo booth, and chalkboard pin (where individuals can share what inspires them the most).

I would now like to applaud the marketing team of Caribou Coffee.  Similar to Facebook, you created a campaign that you knew would attract many people.  By using Pinterest, a very popular social media site, you tailored your brand to a younger audience.  However, your images on the board were diverse so that they attracted a wide age range.  You also incorporated hands on activities…nicely done! I believe people are more likely to remember a product or a campaign when they can personally get involved.

Now I am no advertiser or marketer…but from a PR’s eye, I would say that this was a great idea.

My only qualm….I am hesitant about the transparency of the campaign given it only launched in one mall. Yes, I know that money plays a large role and other “smaller” projects were launched in conjunction with the Pinterest board.  However, I think Caribou would have attracted even more people if they had attempted to build a board in more than one mall.

In regards to the future, I think Caribou’s next “smart” move should be to consider how they could reach other outlets, besides a mall, to increase campaign viewership.

It is amazing though how social media has now becoming a major importance in successful advertisement and marketing campaigns.  Goes to show how invested our lives have become in social media.

Claps to you, Caribou!

caribou pinterest

But seriously….SO COOL!