As we all know, Facebook recently turned 10 years old in the beginning of February. Happy 10th Birthday Facebook! Although I have only been a part of the site since 2011, I can safely say that I have used Facebook for practically every kind of social connection/communication. Posting pictures, creating events, messaging friends, creating group pages, the occasional “stalking,” and so much more is available on this site that has reached over 1 billion users.

However, statistics have shown that the popularity of Facebook is decreasing. Although I would disagree with this myself, many individuals are now turning towards Twitter, Instagram, Vine, and Pinterest to get their social media kick.

So, in order to acknowledge Facebook’s 10th anniversary and help promote Facebook’s image, Facebook launched its “Look Back” campaign in February.

The “Look Back” campaign is a marketing tool where Facebook creates a 1:00 minute video documenting your existence on Facebook. It takes your most liked posts, pictures, and profile pictures and creates a home video. Each video is set to the same music, but everyone’s video is unique to their own profile.

Now, I am no advertising or marketing expert…but I would say that this was a very innovative technique to get more users on Facebook. In fact, on Facebook’s own profile the link to create the video was shared by over 2,000 people and had over 72,000 likes with over 10,0000 comments. Although this may seem like minimal numbers for a site that has over 1 billion users…the more likes, comments, and shares the link gets, the more it travels around the world.

I commend Facebook on their positive attempt to promote their brand. I personally clicked on the link and was able to watch my own “Look Back” video. It was nice to dive back into the past and see pictures I haven’t looked at in over a year.

I  know of many other people who also shared their video and enjoyed Facebook’s campaign.  However, I know that so people began to get annoyed by all the “Look Back” videos that appeared on their timeline. I guess it is hard to please everyone.

But in hind sight, I believe Facebook’s advertising and marketing team was very creative.  It was a neat idea and classy way to strengthen their brand.  Hmm…I wonder if Twitter would ever do the same?

Well done Facebook! Well done!

If you are curious, here is my “Look Back” video.