In a recent article published by CNN, writer Doug Gross investigated a new piece of high technology called Glyph. Created by Avegant, Glyph is a visual headset that “uses 2 million microscopic mirrors to emulate the way the eye processes real-world images.” Unlike watching a movie or playing games on a computer screen or mobile device, individuals can use the visual head set to get a better quality picture image, including 3-D.

“Glyph looks like a pair of headphones sitting on the user’s head when not in use. In fact, it doubles as a pair of high-end headphones with noise canceling that compares with some of the leading brands on the market, according to Avegant. To add visuals, the user flips down the band over their head, making it an eyepiece.”

Avegant also stated that Glyph is actually better for your eyes. Instead of staring at a pixelated light from a screen, Glyph mimics how everyday light enters into your retina and therefore protects your vision.

Glyph's retinal display uses 2 million microscopic mirrors to emulate the way the eye processes real-world images, creators say.

So this looks cool, right?

I would not disagree that owning a pair of Glyphs would be awesome.  Talk about a whole new experience when watching a movie.  However, after reading this article I couldn’t help but wonder if this is yet another piece of technology that is promoting isolation.

Instead of going to the movies with a group of friends or watching TV with your family, Glyph allows you to have your own personal mini theatre.  But this forces us to be isolated from the rest of the world.

By using Glyph, we are separating ourselves from interacting with others while we watch a movie or play a video game. Sure it is nice to watch a movie every once in a while by yourself, but Glyph does not allow for two people to watch the same movie at once.

One might say that this is a great piece of technology if you are sitting by yourself playing a video game or watching a movie…but what happens when Glyph (or any piece of technology similar to this) becomes very popular.  Suddenly you will see a decrease in people going to the movie theatre as a group or playing games together.

I fear that people will simply watch their own movie in isolation.  No dialogue, no communication….no cuddling with anyone!

Will we live in a world where one day people sit in a room together but each are visually blocked off by something like Glyph?  Could you imagine total isolation with your significant other sitting right next to you?

Yes, technology advancement is great.  Yes, technology advancement is allowing us to do so much more.  But, is it also taking away or diminishing a sense of companionship, humanity, and connection with others?

Well world, meet Glyph!