Ohhh yes, the biggest football game of the year! The four-hour entertainment special where millions of people tune in to watch at least one of three things: the actual game, the halftime show, and of course the infamous commercials.

So you are probably thinking now that I am about to plunge into a long, boring monologue about Super Bowl commercials and their influence on mass media.

No, wrong!

On the contrary, I am actually going to write about an interesting observation of mine while watching seven college males watch every commercial during the Super Bowl game.

Well, here I go…

The attention span of some males is practically zero to none. Therefore, in order for commercials to grasp their attention, they must have an object of appeal. For some of my male friends, that object was an attractive woman. For others, that object was alcohol. For my friend Kellan, well, that object was a puppy.

But I did notice a pattern…during every commercial starring a famous individual, my male friends stopped what they were doing and watched every second of it. As if they were being given every answer to a Physics exam, my friends paid close attention and did not divert their eyes while watching these commercials.

At first I thought it was just a coincidence, but after the third commercial with a celebrity, I realized that this was definitely a recurring trend. To grab the attention of my male friends, and probably the attention of many other people, commercials used celebrities as the object of appeal.

And, it worked!

So as I watched my male friends, wide-eyed with mouths dropped, starring at these commercials…I thought to myself:
a) How much do companies actually pay to have celebrities endorse their product?
b) Is this amount of money spent on these celebrities worth the increase of viewership?
c) How many people watched commercials without a celebrity then commercials with a celebrity? Can I see some stats please!

Here is an interesting article I found in regards to money and Super Bowl ads –

In my opinion, some of the best commercials this year did not have celebrity endorsements…however, those commercials are the ones I remember the least. Instead, I recall the commercials with celebrities a lot more. Psychologically, it makes sense. Place a famous individual in a 30 second clip and people are more likely to remember the clip by association with the famous individual.

It is a smart move by advertisement agencies and large corporations, and yet another skillful attempt to sell, sell, sell a product. It goes to show that the advertisement sector is becoming a lot more creative in attracting public appeal. As technology advances, so do commercials and ads.

As for my seven male friends, they were just happy to see Tim Tebow saving a puppy out of a burning house…while I on the other hand enjoyed the Full House cast reunion.

Full House Reunion

Here are some of the celebrity endorsed commercials from the Super Bowl:
James Franco with Ford
Ellen DeGeneres with Beats
Arnold Schwarzenegger and Don Cheadle with Bud Light
Tim Tebow with T-Mobile
David Beckham with H&M
Bruce Willis with Honda
John Stamos, Bob Saget, and Dave Coulier (the cast of Full House) with Dannon Oikos
P Diddy, Jimmy Fallon, and Drake with Time Warner Cable

Gotta love Super Bowl Sunday!