You can bet that with the snow falling in Chapel Hill last night, I received an enormous wave of Snapchats from friends all sharing their winter experience with the world. Some were serious, some were funny, and some were very artistic. In fact, I have many friends who tap into their inner painter and create remarkable pictures through Snapchat. It is amazing how creative people can be if you give them a simple app that allows them to take pictures and then draw on them.

There is one person though who I think has us all beat when it comes to Snapchat artistic creativity. Her name is Janine Doherty and she is a graphic designer for Fashion Scoops. Doherty has an exceptional eye for design and creates fantastic images on Snapchat, which she then posts on Instagram. Needless to say, her selfies have gained a lot of publicity and she is now considered one of the most artistic Snapchaters since the application was introduced to the world.

This leaves me to ponder though…is technology actually helping us become more creative and encouraging us to use our imagination because we have easier access to tools that allow us to do so?

My baby sister just graduated from elementary school where they went to Art class once a week as one of their electives. I remember Art class…you either loved it or hated it…depending on how artistically talented you were. But what if we were able to introduce Snapchat, or some kind of application that allowed students to take pictures of each other and draw on them, into the Art curriculum? Would this encourage more students to not quickly dismiss Art class? Technologically allows us to do so much…why not use it to foster human ingenuity at a younger age.

Am I right? Just a random thought of mine.

As for Janine Doherty…here is one of my favorite Snapchat pictures of hers. She truly has a knack for this!

Click on this link to see more of Doherty’s pictures!