If you are a student at Chapel Hill you probably have noticed that we are smack in the middle of election season for the 2014-2015 Student Body President. Oh yes, that wonderful time of the year when people blow up your social media timelines with their campaign pictures, bombard you for petition signatures during dorm storm, and scream at you to vote for them in the Pit.

Although that may sound a bit sarcastic, I have to say, I do love it all.  As a student actively involved in the Executive Branch of Student Government, SBP elections are huge! Like most politics, it is a big game and if you can play your cards right, you might come out with a win.

In doing so, many candidates are smart and recruit ingenious computer science majors to create their campaign website. A good website is key. These websites allow candidates to share information regarding their biography, platform, and campaign team. Most importantly, the website allows for online petition signing. (Side Note: In order for a candidate to get their name on the SBP ballot, they must collect 1,250 individual signatures in one week).

That being said, I recently had a thought. Today candidates rely so heavily on their website to boost signature numbers and gain a larger publicity outreach. But what did candidates do, say just 10 years ago, who did not have such resources? Has mass media influenced, even at the university level, political campaigning?

I can’t help but assume that the nature of politics here at UNC-CH has drastically changed because of technology advancement. Is that a bad thing though? Are candidates being elected because they are best qualified for the job or simply because they have the best website design?

Regardless, I just have found it interesting how much emphasis is placed on a good website in order to have a successful campaign.

If you are curious, here are the top 3 best website designs (in my opinion) for this year’s elections.


Tis the season for campaigning!!!